IK Multimedia Pianoverse-Royal Upright Y5

IK Multimedia Pianoverse-Royal Upright Y5, Virtual Piano (Download), Versatile piano with a direct and intimate sound, Particularly suitable as an accompanying instrument for jazz and pop vocals as well as for smaller arrangements in which a concert grand piano dominates too much, Based on samples of a carefully miked and detailed recorded Yamaha U5, Recorded in the Fonoprint studios in Bologna, Italy with the help of a specially designed precise robot, Different microphone settings for instrument and room selectable, 30 Unique acoustic environments and spaces and 12 special effects for sound experiments, EQ, compressor, limiter and stereo processor for basic sound customisation, Advanced settings for cover position, string resonance and hammer and pedal noises, MIDI control and MIDI learn function, Optimised, scalable user interface

99EUR :