Kose - Visee Crayon Eye Color - 6 Types

Brand from Japan: Kose. Draw smoothly, close contact. It is a crayon eye color that produces impressive eyes with dense coloring with a gloss. Can be used as an eye color or as an eye line. Richly blended silicone oil. It is soft, smooth and smooth, with no stickiness. Fit keep ingredient combination. It has high adhesion to the skin, and strong coloring lasts for a long time without being disturbed. It is a core that can be used without cutting. Pure gold formulated. Produces a natural 3D effect. It is a waterproof type that is resistant to sweat, water and tears. It is unscented. How to use: With the core coming out about 5 mm, draw along the eyelids or eye line and blur it with your finger towards the eyehole. Do not put out the core or give a strong impact. After use, tighten the cap properly.

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